Welcome to Fairfax Foodies!

Fairfax Foodies started as an idea while I was stuck inside the home through the pandemic. The idea was simple, unite neighbors around food. The easiest way to implement this was by bringing food trucks directly from the city to our neighborhood. This blew up over night drawing in hundreds of people and serving over a thousand meals the first summer.

If you know me, momentum is my best friend and keeps me rolling. I started thinking what next. While I still have a ton of ideas, I wanted to start focusing on the small businesses in the community. While the idea hasn't been fully flushed out, I have a couple drafts of a new sheet to draw people together even more while championing our small businesses.

If you are excited about this group and how it has grown to where it is today, I need your help! Share this with everyone you know. Get involved in the Facebook Group and check out the amazing food in and around the area.

Unite around Food

During 2020 the country was in termoil. We were divided on so many issues. I had always learned that the one thing that will always bring people together was food. That is why our core principle is to unite everyone, no matter our differences, around food.

Celebrate the Small Business

There are so many restaurant chains all across this country. The ones that are harder to find are the small mom and pop shops and those that were created by our very own neighbors. We will always focus on small businesses over national chains.

Partner with Passion

Who would have thought that Fairfax Foodies would have grown to the size it currently is today. The reason it continues to grow is because I am passionate about food, local restaurants, and people. With that being said, we also want to partner with businesses that feel the same. Businesses that are here to make a quick dollar won't be back again. We are focused on those who are passionate about the work they do.

Food Trucks

We have a ton of great food trucks scheduled throughout the summer! As of now, majority of our trucks will now be at the Country Club Hills Pool. Check out the official schedule to stay up to date with the latest updates.

What bars, cafes, and restaurants have you visited in the City of Fairfax? Did you realize that there are 104 establishments that aren't national chains. Come check out the list...

Contact Us

A form is coming soon... For now say hello@fairfaxfoodies.com!