Have you ever wondered how many restaurants you have visited in the City of Fairfax? How about Cafes and Bars? Hold up... how many are there anyways.

I set out on a mission to build up the ultimate checklist of Bars, Cafes, and Restaurants in our city! After compiling an initial list of 144, I removed all of the national chains and got the final list to 104. The official rules are a brand may have no more than 10 locations and all locations must be within the DMV.

This list is for you to use however you see fit. Check off which places you have gone to already, or make today "Day Zero" and start checking off the list.

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Version 2 - June 2021

  • Added - Mary's Restaurant, Baku Delicious, Yama.Chen's Sushi and Caribbean Corner

  • Removed - HHM BBQ (Closed)

  • Updated - UBar -> Senberry, Total 104 -> 107

Version 1 – June 2021

  • Initial Release: Total of 104 Locations